Welcome to the Fort Venango Mic and Key Club


Our monthly meetings are held on the first Saturday of every month except for July, August, and October, at 9 am in room G-124 at UPMC Northwest hospital in Seneca, PA. Once you get to the hospital, go to the cancer center entrance and go straight back the hall towards the cafeteria. Room G-124 is right at the end of the hall. People usually meet for breakfast between 8:00 and 9:00 in the cafeteria.

The Club's annual Corn Roast will be held, Aug. 17, at the "Miller Sibley Pavilion" at 6 pm. You are asked to bring a covered dish if possible & place setting.

The October meeting is on the second Saturday of the month rather than the first saturday.

If you need directions to our meetings you can reach someone on our linked repeaters on the frequency of 145.23 MHz, 145.19MHz, both with a negative offset or 147.12MHz, with a positive offset. All have a P.L. tone of 186.2Hz. Our Rockland remote receiver site can be accessed on 145.23MHz with a P.L. tone of 123.

You can also contact us on our RACES repeater on 146.865MHz, with a negative offset and a P.L. tone 186.2.


Weekly Public Service Net

We have a weekly net on our linked repeater network each monday at 8:30pm eastern Time. Anyone wanting information on the group is welcome to check into that net and people will be glad to help.

The monday night net is the best way to get up to date news for the club and our meetings.


The general Membership of the club shall consist of persons having an interest in Amateur Radio and shall be of four forms; full member, family member, student member and associate member. FCC licensed, Full member, family member and student member have voting rights, and may hold office. Associate members do not have voting rights. Dues are $25 per year (full), $35 for family, or $7.50 for student or associate. Associate membership is available only to those persons residing outside a 50 mile radius of the nearest repeater installation of the Fort Venango Mike and Key Club, Inc repeater system. Persons outside of the 50 mile radius may choose full membership, family membership or student membership as appropriate if they desire. Membership includes our club newsletter "Key Clicks".


Public Service
FVMKC members provide emergency communications for the Red Cross via ARES and for the County Office of Emergency Services via RACES. FVMKC also provides communications for non-commercial public events to ensure the safety and welfare of the participants, e.g. Marienville Fire Company's Tour de Forest ATV rides at Allegheny National Forest. Spring, (3rd weekend of May), and Fall, (1st weekend of October).