Membership Information

In our Bylaws, we have 4 different types of membership

A Single membership covers only the person listed on the application. Yearly dues are $25.

A Family membership covers the person listed on the application and their spouses, children, etc. that live in the same household. Yearly dues are $35.

A Student membership, like the Single membership, covers only the person listed on the application. However, only full-time students, whether they are in Elementary, Junior High, High School, College, Tech School, or any other educational institution, may have a Student membership. The reason for this is that the yearly dues for a Student membership are $7.50 instead of $25.

An Associate membership is only available to those who live outside of a 50-mile radius from the nearest W3ZIC repeater location. The yearly dues for this type of membership are also $7.50, however, Associate members do not enjoy voting rights.