Net & Meetings


We have a weekly net very Monday night at 8:30pm. This net is on our linked repeater system. All Radio Amateurs are invited to participate and pass along traffic.

Monday Night Net Control Month
Nick Moran (KC3AIV) Jan
Mike Haney (KF7GRQ) Feb
Charlie Boyer (W3JCB) Mar
Russ Campbell (KA3WNL) Apr
Larry Aldrich (K3HJQ) May
Larry Thompson (W3LDT) Jun
Joe Tarantino (AA3YE) Jul
Ron Zond (K3MIY) / Jack Armant (KC3AGA) Aug
Jim Corbett (AB3SY) Sep
Jeff Wolfe (WA3JAW) Oct
Charlie Boyer (W3JCB) Nov
Jim Clinefelter (N3BAT) Dec

We have a weekly ARES/RACES net every Wednesday night at 8:00pm on our ARES/RACES Repeater. All Radio Amateurs are invited to participate, but ARES/RACES members are given precedence. There are two halves to the net – the first half is a standard phone net, but the second half is a digital net using FLDigi.


We invite anyone to come to our meetings whether or not they are licensed Radio Amateurs.

Regular Meetings

We currently hold our regular meetings at UPMC Northwest Hospital in Seneca, PA. The address of the hospital is 100 Fairfield Drive, Seneca, PA 16346. Do not attempt to contact the hospital with questions about our meetings.

Our regular meetings are on the 1st Saturday of most months at 9:00 AM in conference room G-124. To find the conference room, turn right at the intersection in front of the hospital itself to go into the Cancer Center entrance. Then simply walk back the hallway and the conference room will be right in front of you.

We usually meet for breakfast at 8:00 AM in the hospital cafeteria. To find the cafeteria, go in the same Cancer Center entrance, start to walk down the hallway, but take the hallway to the left. Then, at the end of that hallway, go right. The door of the cafeteria will be straight ahead, down the hall. You have to pay for your own breakfast. The cost is usually around $5.00-$7.50 a person.

If you are not currently a member but would like to become one, please come to one of our meetings to introduce yourself and fill out an application. Please have your dues with you. Cash is preferred, but checks are accepted as well. Debit and credit are not accepted.

We have a club breakfast every month for general conversation and fellowship. It is held at the Log Cabin restaurant in Seneca, PA. The address of the restaurant is 106 E State Rd, Seneca, PA 16346. Like the name suggests, it looks like a log cabin, and the restaurant itself has history going back through the 1900’s.
We have our breakfast the 3rd Saturday of every month but February at 8:00 AM, but some of our members show up a little earlier than that. We do not have a breakfast in February because of our annual “Over The Hump” dinner, which is held in the evening of the same Saturday.
We eat in the banquet room in the back of the restaurant, when you go in the door go to the right side of the restaurant and walk towards the back.

We have a dinner we call the “Over The Hump” dinner that is held on the 3rd Saturday of every February. We call it the “Over The Hump” dinner because that weekend is usually the weekend when we are ‘over the hump” of the winter weather. The time and location are determined every year by vote, and thus it is not possible to give any sure information about time and location.