Monday Night Net

We have a weekly net very Monday night at 8:30pm. This net is on our linked repeater system. All Radio Amateurs are invited to participate and pass along traffic.

Monday Night Net ControlMonth
Nick Moran (KC3AIV)Jan
Michael Haney (KF7GRQ)Feb
Charlie Boyer (W3JCB)Mar
Russ Campbell (KA3WNL) –> Larry Aldrich (K3HJQ)
Larry Aldrich (K3HJQ)  –> Russ Campbell (KA3WNL)May
Larry Thompson (W3LDT)Jun
Joe Tarantino (AA3YE)Jul
Ron Zond (K3MIY) / Jack Armant (KC3AGA)Aug
Jim Corbett (AB3SY)Sep
Jeff Wolfe (WA3JAW)Oct
Charlie Boyer (W3JCB)Nov
Jim Clinefelter (N3BAT)Dec


Venango County Emergency Communications Services

We have a weekly VCECS / RACES net every Wednesday night at 8:00pm on our VCECS / RACES Repeater. All Radio Amateurs are invited to participate, but VCECS / RACES members are given precedence. There are two halves to the net – the first half is a standard phone net, but the second half is a digital net using FLDigi.

02Wednesday7 PMCASCAS Building, Seneca
09Wednesday8 PM145.250RACES Repeater
16Wednesday7 PMCAS CAS Building, Seneca
23Wednesday8 PM145.230Franklin Repeater
30Wednesday8 PM145.250 RACES Repeater