Our Repeaters

We currently operate 5 repeaters, four for general use and one that is devoted to ARES/RACES communications.

Linked Repeater System

Our Franklin, Pleasantville, and Parker repeaters are all linked together via radio links. What you transmit into one goes out on all four. The locations and details of each repeater are as follows.

Location Frequency Duplex PL Tone
Franklin 145.230 – 0.6MHz 186.2
Pleasantville 147.120 + 0.6MHz 186.2
Parker 145.190 – 0.6MHz 186.2

DMR Repeater

Our Oil City repeater is separate from our linked repeater system. It accepts input in both the DMR digital mode (Color Code: 1 and Time Slot: 2) and the FM analog mode. If you transmit using FM, you will only be repeated locally. However, if you transmit using DMR, you will be repeated locally and through our with MMDVM Package, which is connected BrandMeister Network via the internet. Our DMR system is set to Talkgroup #310877 FVMKC by default.

Location Frequency Duplex PL Tone
Oil City 444.125 + 5.0MHz 186.2

VCECS / RACES Repeater

We have a repeater devoted solely to VCECS and RACES communications.

VCECS = Venango County Emergency Communication Services

Location Frequency Duplex PL Tone
Seneca 145.250 – 0.6MHz 123.0